Don’t Be Afraid of The Suede – How To Clean Your Blue Suede Shoes!

Don’t Be Afraid of The Suede – How To Clean Your Blue Suede Shoes!

Last week we showed you super easy ways to clean your leather shoes and keep them looking their best. This week we are going one step further and tackling the suede shoes!

I know a lot of people who steer clear of the suede out of fear of ruining them or thinking they won’t last as long. Other excuses I have heard is they will not protect their feet as well as regular leather or simply their feet will get wet.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be afraid of the suede.

It’s a delicate little soul, but with the right care and maintenance, your suede shoes can be just as popular as their traditional leather cousins and even waterproof to an extent. After all, nothing beats a comfy pair of slightly worn in suede shoes.

How to care for your suede, nubuck and chamois shoes.

Traditional Suede.

The most common type of suede shoes, suede leather does need to be treated before you show them off to the world. The soft, fluffy texture does lend itself to be more vulnerable to moisture and dirt, so this step is important. It’s not hard to protect your suede shoes from the elements with a spray like Collonil or a suede protector from your local department store. In most cases, a few quick applications to clean shoes is all you need to seal the leather for everyday use. It’s important that you do this every few months to keep up the protection.

To clean suede leather shoes, brush them with the flow of the grain or fibre with a suede brush, getting rid of any surface dirt. For visible marks or stains, use a more vigorous motion and rub the area with the brush. For stubborn stains, you may need to use a suitable suede shoe cleaner that won’t stain or damage your shoes. Water is not recommended for cleaning suede shoes as it can stain them resulting in a patchy appearance.

Chamois Leather.

Softer again, this sheepskin/lambskin material is nappy-like in texture and really doesn’t like to get wet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your chamois shoes as much as the next person. Unlike the traditional suede, we have a tidy little trick that will get your chamois shoes cleaned without as much as a drop of water. Are you ready for it… a lint roller. Simply roll a lint roller or piece of sticky tape over the shoe in the same direction as the pile. This will pick up any dirt and grime, leaving your shoes clean and brushed.

Nubuck Leather.

Nubuck is an increasingly popular leather product that has a soft velvety texture to it. Top grain cattle leather, it is roughed up on the external side and is a lot hardier than its suede counterpart with a similar look. Commonly used in Chukka and Desert boots, nubuck is hardier, but still needs to be given the same treatment as the suede. A leather protector before wear is highly recommended to keep your Nubuck shoes looking their best.

So there you have it, easy steps to protecting and keeping your suede and nubuck shoes looking their best. Now you can dig out those blue suede shoes and wear them with pride!

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