Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Change Your Kids Shoes

Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Change Your Kids Shoes

Kids love to put their shoes under the pump. No matter what age they are, they always seem to find a new way to test their kicks. Fortunately, here at Surefit, we’ve seen it all and developed counter measures to keep kids and parents happy.

So, how do you know when it’s time to change your kids shoes?

  • They have holes

It might sound obvious, but when your kids have put holes in their shoes, then it’s time to change them. Check the soles for holes as kids won’t usually remember to tell you this. Shoes that are too heavy or where the soles are not flexible will more likely be prone to holes or scuffing. This is because kids aren’t walking a natural movement in them, resulting in uneven wear or tripping. Here at Surefit, we pride ourselves on high quality rubber soles that last and move with kids feet.

  • They complain of sore feet

When shoes are too small, they put pressure on little toes and heels. This causes feet to hurt and your kids will most likely let you know. But, in some case, if the shoes are a favourite, then they may not be keen to share this information. Check their shoes each time you put them on to make sure there is still wiggle room in all the right places.

  • They’re getting blisters

When shoes start to give blisters on heels or toes it’s usually a sign they are fitting incorrectly. This could be they are either too big or too small. Correctly fitted shoes shouldn’t rub on feet, so make sure your kids shoes are giving support where needed and space to move around the toe area.

  • The lining is worn

Sometimes it’s the inside of the shoe that wears before the outside. If you notice the lining of shoes wearing or holey, don’t ignore it just because it can’t be seen from the outside. Torn or lining in poor repair can cause discomfort and result in blistering or rub marks. This can lead to pain and your kids not wanting to put any shoes on, which can be problematic, especially in winter or school days!

  • Their lifestyle may have changed

As kids get older, their lifestyle and the types of activities they do may change. Young children and first walkers are usually pretty gentle on shoes and can last in a pair until they grow out of them. Kids who are active and into all the sports ever invented can be the opposite. As your kids’ activities change, then their shoes need to change to fit the purpose. Good quality runners or sneakers are needed for active kids to give support and comfort throughout the day.

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