The benefits of an arch support in children’s shoes

The benefits of an arch support in children’s shoes

Children’s feet are rather complex things. We tend to think of them the same way we do our own as adults. The problem is they aren’t the same. A child’s foot is at a different developmental stage to that of an adult foot. So we need to factor this in when caring for little feet.

Flat foot is often raised as an issue in children’s feet. The truth is, children’s feet are naturally flat for the first 6 or so years as they are still developing. The arch we see in a lot of adolescent and adult feet is formed through muscle and tendon strengthening and tightening.

As children grow, their feet develop further and the natural arch in the foot appears. It is at this stage of their growth that a proper fitting shoe with adequate support is needed.

Where babies and young children require soft sole shoes and flexible shoes for their foot development, older children and adolescents require shoes with good structure, support and cushioning.

Quality shoes provide quality support. Unfortunately there is no getting around this. When choosing shoes for your children, look for shoes that provide good arch support, heel support and toe width. All of these play a big part in allowing your child to run, jump and play without foot pain.

Foot and leg pain is something I hear children mention all too often. Sometimes it is just put down to “growing pains”, but most of the time it is because of ill-fitting shoes or shoes with little to no support.

Shoes that provide support in all the right places help to improve:
  • Posture
  • Foot and ankle development
  • Provide support to arches, ankles and heels
  • Improve balance
  • Help to prevent muscle strain and fatigue
  • Helps to reduce foot pain, leg pain and feet issues later in life

An arch support in children’s shoes needs to provide a good supporting structure to the foot, but it should not be too prominent to a point where it becomes uncomfortable. Arch supports aren’t there to correct flat feet, they are there to provide support and cushioning. Therefore a slight arch support is best.

Shoes should also have a good rubber sole that allows for cushioning and protection.

Here at Surefit, all our shoes are made with support in mind. We take children’s feet seriously and 34 years in the business is long enough to see the effects of ill-fitting shoes. So next time you are shoe shopping for your kids, have a look at the structure of the shoe and make sure it is the correct fit for your child.

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