What To Look For In Summer Sandals For Kids

Summer Sandals For Kids

What To Look For In Summer Sandals For Kids

Summer is on the way! And, although it might not feel like it yet in some parts of our great country, I can assure you when it does, you want to be ready!

Inevitably a change in seasons means an update to the wardrobe for the kiddies. Because, let’s be real, there is no chance last season’s will go anywhere close to fitting! It’s the same for their shoes. A change in season should mean a change in shoes. You may also find your kids will be into the next size in shoe, so it’s a good time to check the fit is spot on as well.

With summer comes the need for summer sandals. A chance to let the feet air a little and see some sun. But what features do you need to look for in kids summer sandals?

  • Style

Summer sandals for kids can come in varying designs and styles. In order to get the right style, you firstly need to assess what your child will be doing in their sandals. Do you need them for beach days or will your child be wearing them everyday for playgroups or daycare? Once you determine the use, you will better be able to choose a suitable style.

  • Closed Toe or Open Toe?

This will all depend on your answers to point number 1. What is the purpose of the shoe and how old is the child who will be wearing the shoe? In a lot of cases, a closed toe sandal is better for kids as they protect their toes a little more. For kindy or daycare, you will most likely need to dress your child in closed toe sandals. If you are looking to get a little extra wear from their footwear, then open toe sandals could be an option as you can get a few extra mm out of the shoe length. With this though, make sure your child’s toes are not overhanging the shoe as this can cause preventable foot problems.

  • Closed heel or open?

This is again personal preference, but for younger children we are going to recommend a closed heel. It provides better support for smaller feet still learning to walk. A closed heel provides added protection as well as stability in walking. Open back shoes can slip off their feet or force their feet to take on unnatural walking habits just to keep the sandal on. As your child gets older, then an open back could be considered.

  • Leather or synthetic?

For this one we are going to recommend leather sandals for kids. Leather is a natural product that allows the foot to breathe. This is especially important in the summer months when feet sweat a whole lot more. If you can’t get full leather sandals, then at a minimum look for leather lined shoes to help reduce some of the sweat build up.

  • Soles

We are very passionate about the soles of kids shoes. Flexible rubber soles are the only way to go and kids summer sandals are no different. Your child needs to be able to move their foot in a natural walking motion to prevent foot, heel, ankle or leg injuries. When looking for kids sandals, choose a pair with a good quality, flexible sole.

Shopping for kids sandals isn’t always high on the fun stakes. But, knowing what to look for before heading to the shops can make the tasks that little bit easier… and quicker!

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