How To Tell When Your Child Has Outgrown Their Shoes

How To Tell When Your Child Has Outgrown Their Shoes

Kids are great at being kids. Playing, running, jumping and getting into all sorts of mischief.

But, one thing they are not good at is identifying when they need new clothes and shoes. As a parent, it’s pretty easy to tell when your child needs new clothes. Generally you can see their socks through their pants or their belly peeking out of their shirt.

But shoes aren’t so noticeable.

So how do you know when your child has outgrown their shoes and it’s time to upgrade?

1. Feel for their toe

The best time to check your child’s shoes is at the end of the day when their feet are at their biggest. While your child is standing up, ask them to wriggle their toes so you can feel where they are in the shoe. You should still feel a gap between the end of the shoe and their longest toe.

2. Check their toes

Physically check your child’s feet and toes for any sign of rubbing, blisters or squashed toes. Even signs like bent toenails could be a sign of pressure on the toe from an ill-fitting shoe. Feet always tell the best story when it comes to shoes.

3. Observe how they are walking

If your child is walking awkwardly or complaining of sore feet, especially later in the day, then it might be time to upgrade their shoes. Kids will keep playing and running around but will tend to compensate if their shoes don’t fit as they should.

4. Look at the shoes themselves

Inspect your child’s shoes for any signs of damage or pressure points. A good place to check is the toe area. Leather shoes especially will show signs of stretching or raised areas where the big toe is which suggests the shoes are too small. Canvas or material shoes may also show this or even wear through completely.

5. Toes overhanging sandals

This might seem obvious, but check your child’s feet whilst in their sandals or open toe shoes and make sure they are not hanging over. We see all too often parents leaving their sandals longer than they should because there is “extra” room to grow. Open toe shoes should be treated like closed toe shoes and upgraded to the next size once the toes are nearing the end of the sole.

boy sandals

If you have any questions on shoe sizing or how to correctly fit your child’s feet into their shoes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can assist with sizing and helping you find the right shoe for your child.

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