Let’s Take A Closer Look At Kids Sneakers

Kids sneakers
Kids are active little soles, but you already knew that! What you might not know however, is the sneakers you pick can have a big impact on their play. Choosing the right sneaker for their daily activities is a lot more than just choosing their favourite colour.

Sneakers, or runners, are designed for heavy wear. Most kids live in their sneakers and places like kindergarten, day care and school can really put them to the test. It’s tempting to buy cheaper sneakers for kids for this reason, but it may not be cheaper in the long run.

Let’s delve into the inner workings of kids runners or sneakers.

1. The Sole.

This is one of the most important aspects in kids shoes. The soles should be made from a good quality flexible rubber that enables foot flex and a comfortable foot bed. A good sole allows kids to run, play, kick a ball and enjoy all the fun things without slipping over or hurting their feet.

2. Material.

We love using leather in our shoes. It’s a natural material meaning it gives breathability to the foot and durability to the shoe. The lining of our sneakers are a leather and mesh combination for optimum foot health. Good quality leather shoes are proven to last longer than poorly constructed synthetic shoes.

3. Adjustable Velcro Straps.

It’s important that kids shoes can be adjusted to give a snug fit. Velcro straps allow for the perfect support every time with the ability to adjust as their foot grows. Velcro straps are also kids friendly building their confidence and independence in mastering their own shoes.

4. Good support

Poorly constructed kids sneakers can prevent your child from performing at their best. Sore feet, blisters and developmental issues can all arise from shoes that do not provide adequate support. This is especially important in sneakers and runners where kids are really putting them through the ringer. All Surefit kids shoes are built using our “preventative footwear” philosophy which includes arch support for the prevention of flat feet.

Kids love their sneakers because of what they associate them with. Let their feet love them too so they enjoy their play time to the fullest.

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