The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Winter Boots For Kids

Buying winter boots for kids

Buying winter boots for kids

The weather is cooling down but the kids still want to go outside and play. No longer are the sandals and sneakers going to cut it on those cold, wet, wintery days. Enter the kids winter boots!

It may surprise you that there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to buying the right winter boots for kids. Ordinarily you’d toddle off to the shops and let the kids pick the coolest ones on the shelf. But are they going to do all they need to?

Size is important.

When it comes to fitting kids for winter boots, it’s tempting as parents to go up a size or two in the hope they see the winter out. Whilst we understand the logic, you’re actually doing your doing your kids feet, and the boots, a disservice.

Ill-fitting winter boots will not keep little feet warm and will wear quicker than correct fitting boots. Winter boots are designed to keep little feet warm and protected in the cold, wet conditions. Feet become insulated and warm not by the boot itself, but from the warmth their feet generate. The boot acts as an insulator for the foot, keeping the warmth circulating inside just like a heater in a house. A boot that is too big will not insulate the heat properly and feet will actually become cold. A boot that is too small will have a similar outcome caused by lack of space for the heat to circulate.

When shoes don’t fit properly, it can result in kids dragging their feet or wearing them unevenly, causing shoes to age and wear prematurely.

Material matters.

Winter boots are designed to insulate and protect. Boots made from leather are naturally designed to do this. Leather is also a waterproof material and if treated with a waterproofing spray, will keep little feet warm and dry. Although we don’t recommend jumping in muddy puddles, best leave that to the gumboots!

Rubber soles a must.

Kids winter boots should have good quality rubber soles. Just like cheap or worn car tyres in the wet, shoes can become slippery if they’re not designed for the conditions. Flexible rubber soles are the best for cold, wet conditions as they protect from water and keep feet firmly planted on the ground.

Easy on and off.

Kids love to be able to put their own shoes on. It gives them a sense of independence and confidence as they find their place in the world. Boots can be tricky to get on and off as we know. Luckily, our Mani boots come with handy side zippers so they’re as easy for the kids to put on as they are for Mum and Dad. Meanwhile, the elastic side give a little extra movement for added comfort.

Here at Surefit, we’ve put a lot of time and research into creating the perfect winter boot for kids. Our quality is second to none and our styles classic. Check out our new styles at your local store or shop conveniently online with one of our approved stockists.

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