When it comes to kids shoes, it’s not the quantity but quality that matters

Say what!??

Shoes have been the obsession of many since the turn of the 19th century. The Imelda Marcos’s of the world have collections that Paris Hilton would be envious of. But what about kids shoe wardrobes?

Surely the obsession to have a pair of shoes for each day of the week is a must?

When it comes to kids shoes, the cute and fun has to be outweighed by the practical. Every. Single. Time.

Kids’ feet are precious and we’ve mentioned in many a blog that their feet are still in development stage right through to adolescence. This is why the practicality and quality of the shoe must be the sole factor in determining its worth in your kid’s wardrobe.

In fact, did you know kids only need 3 – 4 pairs of shoes at any one time?

When it comes to purchasing kids shoes, there’s a misconception that buying cheaper is a money saver or you can buy more pairs for the same price as a few quality pairs of shoes. But do they really need that many pairs of shoes and is it really a money saver?

Let’s break it down.

toddler boots AustraliaKIDS WINTER SHOES.

Kids need closed shoes for winter to keep their feet nice and warm and protected. In this case we’d recommend the following:





Kids sandals AustraliaKIDS SUMMER SHOES.

Every child need shoes that are going to give a little more freedom and keep their feet cool. We’d recommend:

As you can see, when it’s broken down it makes a lot of sense. Why do kids need a pair of Paw Patrol runners, Spiderman runners and TMNT runners when one pair of kids black runners will do?

It’s easy to keep it simple when it comes to kids. They become creatures of habit and fall in love with their security items and favorites. The beauty with choosing shoes from a brand like Surefit is the styles remain fairly consistent and you can always easily come back for the next size. This also has the added benefit of being able to replace the shoes in the wardrobe with the new next size without your child even knowing! No more disappointment when Dora The Explorer is no longer fashionable!

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